I believe a city is a place where people should be able to use everything it has to offer, it should be safe from crime, disease, and drugs. Everyone should have a chance. It should supply good services and be a welcoming community.

About Derek

  • Born in Nashua and living in the city for the last 30 years.

  • Married for 21 years to wife Loren. 3 children, ages 19, 17, 13.

  • 25 years as a strong leader in the Health Insurance Industry

  • 11 years as a Nashua Baseball Coach

  • 5-year member of the Board of Directors for Nashua Cal Ripken Youth Baseball (2 years as President)

  • 6 years as Selectman/Ward Clerk/Acting Moderator


Public Health

  • Covid-19 is not done, we need to continue to keep the public safe. The current and after effects will continue.

  • The Opioid Crisis and Mental illnesses are increasing and we will need to act. Public safety is a priority.

Public Services

  • Road and Bridge repairs must continue.

  • Public Education support is critical.

  • Police, Fire, and our Public Health departments must work together to improve Nashua.

  • Responsible development and redevelopment of properties in Ward 8 and the City.

Open and Transparent Government

  • Committed to listening and being responsive to the concerns of residents of Ward 8.

  • Will listen and ask questions to get answers.

  • Will look at issues with an open mind and innovative thinking.

Diversity and Inclusion

  • Committed to supporting a community and local government that responds to the needs and interests of all of its residents.


Thank you

I appreciate you contacting me. I look forward to connecting with you soon.

I hope to earn your vote for
Alderman Ward 8 on November 2nd